What We Do

CDSCritical Diversity Solutions (CDS) is a specialized strategic planning, training, and consulting service for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Since 2007, CDS has been dedicated to leveraging diversity challenges for opportunities, organizational growth, and social impact.

Our headquarters is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the hub of the USA’s most revolutionary practices around social impact and diversity.

Organizational Development

Programming and strategic planning for diversity, equity, and inclusion “in house”.

Content analysis and editing for writing projects, initiatives, and curriculum development with a focus on improving diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Delivering workshops, lectures, and conferences that focus on turning diversity challenges into opportunities for both social impact and business/organizational success.

Analytical Reports + Strategic Implementation

How will diversity, equity, and inclusivity yield the highest return on investment for your organization or company?

With our Specialized Packages, we will produce analytical reports that answer the above question for your particular business or organization’s needs.

After we produce the reports, one or more of our teammates will collaboratively strategize with you on how to implement initiatives to leverage this reported data to meet your goals.

Dr. A. Breeze Harper’s Latest Keynote Talk on “Radical Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” to an Audience of 1400+ People at the Animal Care Expo professional conference on May 14, 2018

DEI Boutique Specializations: Animal Advocacy, Ethical Consumption, and Sustainability


CDS also has specialization in supporting the diversity initiatives of organizations, higher-ed institutional programs, and businesses dedicated to : (1) animal advocacy (i.e., vegetarianism, animal welfare, animal rights) and ; (2) ethical consumption and sustainability.  Clients have included The Pollination Project, VeganOutreach, FoodFirst!, Animal Charity Evaluators, Animal Grantmakers, and PetSmart Charities.