Since 2007, Critical Diversity Solutions (CDS) has been engaged in strategic planning, training, and consulting service for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We specialize in anti-racism, racial inclusion, and racial-gender equity with intersectional framing (i.e. ability, age, sexual orientation, region, etc).

Our headquarters is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a sister site in Toronto, Canada. We are a Black-owned business founded by two Black women: Dr. Amie Breeze Harper and Elise Aymer.

Below are the services we offer.

Webinars + On-Site Trainings, Workshops, and Lectures

We deliver workshops, lectures, and conferences that focus on anti-racism, racial inclusion, and racial-gender equity with intersectional framing (i.e. ability, age, sexual orientation, region, etc). We do give gender inclusion workshops and lectures, understanding that race and other factors will inform gender equity.

We actively frame our curriculum with a focus on systems and history, showing how these factors impact organizations and individuals (unconsciously and consciously). We collaborate with our clients by showing them how to engage in structural change through action + strategy for the long run vs. “cosmetic diversity.” One training or lecture is rarely enough to affect DEI goals.

Here are some of our effective workshops below, which can be tailored to your specifications:

  • How Systemic Racism Impacts Inclusion and Equity
  • How Gendered-Racism Impacts Workplace Belonging
  • How to Practice Anti-Racism For Marketing Products
  • Recruiting and Retaining Talented and Diverse Employees
  • Gender, Bullying, and The Workplace: An Introduction

Content Analysis, Editing, and Critical Writing

We do content analysis, writing, and editing for projects, initiatives, and curriculum development with a focus on improving diversity, equity, and inclusion. This can include book projects, website materials, educational pamphlets, and social media campaigns.

We are currently accepting proposals to collaborate on anti-racism statements and PR materials for organizations and businesses as well as overhauling websites to reflect anti-racism, racial inclusion/equity, and belonging.

Organizational Development and Programming

We provide programming and strategic planning for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. For example, we’ve helped clients strategize for optimal recruitment, retainment, and better mentorship for minoritized employees.

DEI Boutique Specializations: Animal Advocacy, Ethical Consumption, and Sustainability


CDS also has specialization in supporting the inclusion and equity initiatives of organizations, higher-ed institutional programs, and businesses dedicated to : (1) animal advocacy (i.e., vegetarianism, animal welfare, animal rights) and ; (2) ethical consumption and sustainability.  Clients have included The Pollination Project, Mercy for Animals, VeganOutreach, FoodFirst!, Animal Charity Evaluators, Animal Grantmakers, and PetSmart Charities.