Critical Diversity Solutions (CDS) provides strategic consulting, equity audits, climate assessment surveys, and training that focus on anti-racism, racial inclusion, and racial-gender equity with intersectional framing (i.e. ability, age, sexual orientation, region, etc). We do give gender inclusion workshops and lectures, understanding that race and other factors will inform gender equity.

Our headquarters is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a sister site in Toronto, Canada. We are a Black-owned business founded by two Black women: Dr. Amie Breeze Harper and Elise Aymer. Below are the services we offer.

Webinars + On-Site Trainings, Workshops, and Lectures


We actively frame our training curriculum with a focus on systems and history, showing how these factors impact organizations and individuals (unconsciously and consciously). For our training services, we collaborate with our clients by showing them how to engage in structural change through action + strategy for the long run vs. “cosmetic diversity.” One training or lecture is rarely enough to affect DEI goals. Below are some of our more popular workshops, which can be tailored to your specifications:

  • How Systemic Racism Impacts Inclusion and Equity
  • How Gendered-Racism Impacts Workplace Belonging
  • How to Practice Anti-Racism For Marketing Products
  • Recruiting and Retaining Talented and Diverse Employees
  • Gender, Bullying, and The Workplace: An Introduction
  • Intro to Anti-Racism & Competency for Leadership
  • Intro to Anti-Racism Action Steps for [Mostly] White Leadership Without Shame, Blame, or “Cancel Culture”
  • Racial Inclusion, Equity, & Leadership 101 for the Plant Based Foods Sector

Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, and Racial Equity Audits

We provide programming and strategic planning for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We conduct extensive racial equity audits to determine how inclusive and equitable an organization’s processes, procedures, and policies are. This can include (but is not limited to) analysis of: recruitment protocols and materials; performance assessment & promotion protocols; employee handbooks; internal communication methods; benefits and time-off policies and; board structure.

Our auditing packages frequently include the deployment of inclusion and equity climate assessment surveys for leadership and/or all staff to take. Surveys provide exceptional data about how employees experience, understand, and perceive racial equity and belonging. Survey data can also “red flag” structural problems that have created hostile workplace environments for marginalized employees of color. Though we do focus on racial equity for these audits, we know social identities such as gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, and immigration status significantly shape and impact racial inclusion and equity; therefore, these (or other) social identities are also factored into our analysis.

After auditing and climate assessment surveys have been conducted, our team reviews our findings, produces a report, and then we meet with our clients to offer initial action steps and strategies to get started. Most of our client relationships are ongoing, with the understanding that DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) is an ongoing process that requires continuous support and guidance through our company’s strategic consulting and/or advising services.

We service clients from all over the globe. Locations of past and current clients have included the USA, UK, Canada, & Mexico.

DEI Boutique Specializations: Animal Advocacy, Ethical Consumption, and Sustainability

In addition to working with all types of organizations, CDS also has specialization in supporting the inclusion and equity initiatives of organizations, higher-ed institutional programs, and businesses dedicated to : (1) animal advocacy (i.e., vegetarianism, animal welfare, animal rights) and ; (2) ethical consumption and sustainability.  

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